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Learn how Fountain Health is pioneering a new era of employee health benefits solutions.

Are you ready to change the healthcare industry?

For too long, the existing healthcare structure has operated largely unchallenged, seemingly serving its own interests rather than those it claims to safeguard.


While Fountain Health ensures comprehensive coverage of all conventional healthcare benefits, we distinguish ourselves through our commitment to preventive healthcare. Our members are not just beneficiaries of services; they are partners in health. As a part of our commitment, we facilitate preventive testing for all members to uphold their wellness. At Fountain Health, we don't just ensure coverage, we inspire enduring health.


of those who have prediabetes are unaware


of people have coronary artery disease


of people who have a significant health event show no symptoms beforehand

How does Fountain Health work?

Fountain Health can mirror your company's current insurance plan, to reduce employee disruption.


  • Same coverage
  • Same copays
  • Same deductibles


By offering our members preventative testing and finding disease early we are saving lives and saving costs.


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