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Changing Health Insurance from Reactive to Proactive

Traditional insurance only covers basic testing that doesn’t tell you very much about your health or risk factors. The only time your plan pays is when you are sick; that’s why we now refer to it as sick insurance. Fountain Health has disrupted previously accepted insurance journeys into a PROACTIVE one.


Age of Biotech

The Age of Biotech has arrived, and with it has come a massive improvement in testing. The ability to test for heart disease, cancer, and stroke at an early stage has arrived through the latest breakthroughs. And now, for the first time, it is covered through Fountain Health Insurance. 

Next-Generation Services

Fountain Health is transforming health insurance.  We are covering in-depth diagnostic testing as part of your no-cost preventative wellness benefit. By providing coverage for these next-generation services, our goal is to find disease earlier than ever before.

Optimized Health

By finding and treating it earlier, our members will either stop illness at an earlier stage or reverse it entirely.  Based on your testing, you will also get personalized recommendations for nutrition, exercise, and vitamins. Your health insurance will cover the steps to improved health.


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