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At Fountain Health, we are committed to putting HEALTH in HEALTH INSURANCE.

For years, we have trusted health insurance to cover us in cases of illness or accidental injury. When it comes to traditional care . . . FOUNTAIN HEALTH HAS YOU COVERED. Where we differ from traditional insurance is that Fountain Health’s primary focus is on proactive care and keeping our members healthy.

Preventative healthcare saves lives by catching illness early, while it is still highly treatable, or by eliminating it entirely. Preventative healthcare also saves money. Early detection costs a fraction of finding illnesses like cancer, heart disease and diabetes in their more advanced stages. The convergence of sensors, networks, and AI is upending medical diagnostics and providing doctors with tools that were previously unavailable, allowing us to provide coverage for ground-breaking, preventative medical technology faster than anyone else.

At Fountain Health, we are committed to helping employers take care of their staff. Together, we are transforming lives by transforming insurance.

Meet our CEO, Robert J. Rossiter

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Robert J. Rossiter is a health insurance leader, devoted to transforming the current sick-based model into a health-focused, proactive solution. Decades of experience developing insurance plans for private companies, unions and associations have given Rossiter a keen insight into creating customized health plans that consistently perform at a cost level of 10 to 30 per cent below the traditional insurance market, while providing the same or better benefit coverage.

Rossiter spent almost two decades as President of Rossiter Insurance Agency, Inc.Inspired by personal stories of cancer diagnosis that came too late in the traditional system, Rossiter committed himself to building a health insurance plan that was driven by upfront wellness coverage designed to identify and prevent catastrophic disease in their earliest phases.

In 2021, this led Rossiter to his current role as CEO of Fountain Health Insurance. With a mandate to provide transparent, informative and increasingly proactive plan coverage, he aims to support a healthier employee population - one that is ultimately more productive and loyal to the companies in which Fountain Health serves.

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